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Telecard - Magic Trick

1.25 usd

It is very easy to perform and learn. All you need to do this incredible trick is any deck of cards and any android device. Effect:First start with deck shuffling and cutting (described in app instruction video). Than Take top card and place it on table or on someones hand.After that you tell your spectators that your phone can magically scan card that is on spectators hand. Than you take your android device and put it on selected card. Spectator or you press "Scanning" button and device start scanning card. After few seconds device show card that is under the device. Except scanning this app have ability to change that card so you or spectator press "Change" card button and your device will change that card to another one.
"This app will amaze everyone!absolutely incredible!" - T.C.
"This is whole new level of mobile magic" - Mr. S.
In this version of app you can do 3 different scans and changes, but soon in new version we will add more.